Dustin Arnold Psy.D.


TheraCare Wellness

Areas of Expertise

Mood disorders, gender identity, and psychotic spectrum disorders.

Professional Bio

Throughout our lives, we carry within us the voices, the gaze, acceptance or disapproval, the expectations, and the praise or criticism of those who have raised us and occupied our lives. Therapy can help us discover and clarify these powerful experiences and grow in our understanding of how they motivate us, giving us freedom to make more authentic decisions in our daily lives. I view therapy as an opportunity to heal, receive support, solve problems, improve relationships, and escape problems and patterns that seem to reappear over time. Stylistically, I approach therapy as a collaborative, relational process. I try to lead with curiosity about each person’s unique perspective, seek to understand their story, and how their identities have been a part of all of their experiences. I place a high value on the relationship between myself and each client.

My courses

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